Around the Home

Around the Home Safety gate

Around the Home – safety gates

Now baby is starting to crawl Kindercare can help keep your child safe with its range of safety gates

Around the Home – baby monitors

Keeping an eye on your little one has never been easier with our range of baby monitors. With models from the most popular baby monitor brands, you can can have the peace of mind that your baby is safe and sound.


Around The Home – Swings and Bouncers

The best baby swings and bouncers can entertain your little one and also help soothe them to sleep, so we have a great selection for you to choose from. Just remember Swings and Bouncers are for play and soothing not sleep so please remove your little one to its cot or crib if they fall asleep.

Around the Home – Highchairs

If you’re about to start the weaning process with your little one, now is a good time to consider investing in a baby highchair. . Choose attractive traditional wooden highchairs or plastic highchairs in a range of colours that make cleaning an easier task. Our range of highchairs at Kindercare help keep your little one secure and upright in the recommended position for feeding, whilst being able to join the rest of the family at meal-times.

Around The Home – Bathing & Changing

Make bathing and changing your little one a breeze. From comfy wipe-clean changing mats for stress-free nappy changes, to colourful toys for a bit of bath time fun, our collection is here to help.