The Guardianfix 3 is the latest version of the Guardianfix series from Kiddy. This new car seat builds on the proven safety record of the previous model and corresponds to the very latest safety standards.

GuardianFix 3 Features:

Impact shield system which provides perfect protection especially for small children (approx 9 months to 3 years);
Deeper reclined position;
Adjustable 5 position leg rest to provide comfort; and
enhanced security, thanks to the superb adjustability and ergonomics
eye level indicator built into the head rest is a visible reminder every journey, to ensure the child always has the perfect head support.

The Guardianfix 3 grows with the child and adapts perfectly in width and height. It can be used from approx. 9 months (9 kg) up to the age of 12 (36 kg).

The Kiddy K-fix+ system

THe K-Fix+ system has been redesigned. The K-fix+ connectors are longer for easier installation to the car and offer a greater degree of recline.
The new K-fix+ connectors boast a clever new sideways movement. This has several advantages.

The seat can be moved sideways, which makes it easier to buckle the seat up. Most importantly, in the event of a side impact, the seat will slide sideways and protectively push your child inwards away from the impact zone. Greater protection for your child, where they need it most.

The collection comes in 8 modern colours, which have reflective panels on the head rest so that the seat can easily be seen in the event of an accident when dark. The new softly padded fabrics offer additional comfort. Another highlight is the pattern: the dots convey a very special Morse code message: “Kiddy – we love our kids”. Unique and unmistakable!

Group 1,2,3
Age: 9 months – 12 years
Weight: 9-36 kg


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