The primary goal for a cot or cot bed is to create an optimum habitat which helps your baby’s growth and development in their most crucial years.  There is a lot to consider when purchasing a cot or cot bed for your baby. So to help you make your decision we have created a brief article explaining the advantages of each.

Advantages of Buying COTS for Babies (UK)

One advantage of choosing a COT rather than a cot bed is that they are smaller so if you are limited on space a cot rather than a cot bed would be the practical choice. A standard cot is 120cm by 60cm whereas a Cot Bed is slightly larger at 140cm by 70cm. The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) recommends that your baby sleep in your bedroom for the first six months. So if a cot bed is too large for your room, opt for a cot instead.  Manufacturers recommend that your baby stays in its cot for at least two years, although some children are happy to remain in a cot for longer, while others move from cot to full-size single bed with ease. They are, however,  designed for early months of young infants and not suitable for a toddler.  They are usually more affordable than cot beds and there is a wide range of bedding available for them.

A major consideration is whether you plan to have more than one child. Although a cot tends to have a shorter lifespan than a cot bed, it may prove cost effective if it can be used for future siblings. You may find that if you buy a cot bed, it will be required for your next baby before you have chance to turn it into a bed for your older child. So, you’ll have to buy a cot or second cot bed for your new baby. This is often the time that parents try to coax their older child into moving to a single bed – it can be touted as a reward for being the big brother/sister, though some children may see it as the new baby ousting them from their cot bed!

Advantages of Buying A COT BED for Babies (UK)

Inevitably at some point your baby will try to climb over the top of the cot. When this happens, stop using the cot immediately and move your child to a toddler bed or single bed. Usually from 18- 30 months old, the baby will show signs that it is time to take the next step: If the baby can stand and reach over the top rail then may be able to climb out the cot.

 A COT BED is a cot that can be converted into a toddler bed once your baby outgrows the cot. It is suitable from birth up to anywhere between four and six years.  In cot mode, it is  suitable from birth up to any time between two and three years old. When converted to a toddler bed, it has additional two years usage. Parents must be aware of this, to prevent injury to your child.

A cot bed has removable sides and an end panel so it can convert to a short, low bed for a toddler and can therefore be used for twice as long. Larger than a cot, but smaller than a single bed a Cot Bed requires  bedding designed specifically for it so you must factor this in if deciding which is the most economical purchase. Consider too that you will still have to buy a single bed at some stage.

Some parents also feel that the size of a cot bed leaves their newborn looking a bit lost! One solution is to use a Moses basket or crib for the first few months. 

More Choices at Kindercare

Kindercare also offer the option of a Mini Cot Bed.  This has the same features of a cot bed with the added benefit of converting into a toddler bed and some even into a daybed. This will last until your child reaches approximately four years of age.  Mini Cot Beds are especially useful in newly built developments where the third bedroom can be a tight squeeze for a three-piece furniture set with a full-size cot bed.

Secure a solid and trustworthy foundation to your little one’s sleeping environment with our selection of baby cots and cot beds.

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